Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Walk Thoughts #223: and here we go

I'm on the road in about an hour. The burningest of burning questions in my mind: after all this effort... how much do I now weigh? (Keep in mind that I started off at 124-126 kg.)

If all goes well, I'll arrive at the estuary a bit after lunchtime (2PM-ish) today. In theory, my boss will be there, and possibly another colleague. We'll probably hit a hotel, at which point I'll shower, change, and do dinner with my companions. After a nice overnight stay, my boss and I will drive back to Seoul, and I'll burn the next few vacation days before returning to work on Monday. The weekend after that (i.e., May 27-28), I'll plunge back into the wild for my make-up walk, at which point it will be official: I'll have walked every inch from Seoul to Busan.

Exciting times. Let's get on with this!

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