Saturday, May 6, 2017

Walk Thoughts #185: new digs for 2 nights

I was pleasantly surprised to see that a yeogwan sat directly across from the certification center. With a freeway between me and the motel, I walked through an underground passageway to get over to the other side.

For a Saturday, when people are normally fuck-happy and looking to shack up, the motel was unusually quiet. When I told the old lady at the desk that I would be there for two nights (du bam), she accidentally booked me for two rooms (du bang). It was an amusing miscommunication; I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened before now.

I was given a key to Room 201 of the Lee Motel. On the way up the stairs, I saw a sculpture of a woman in a sensual pose, but noted that her arms were so long as to be gorilla-like. Perhaps one day, I too will know the primal pleasures of a brachiating lover.

My room ended up being neat and clean. I think it's got WiFi, but I haven't tried it yet.

The second-to-last pic shows something that's become extremely significant to me: an electric socket next to the bed. This is crucial for using the phone while recharging it, and it's now one of the ways by which I judge the quality of my accommodations. If your room doesn't have a socket next to wherever I'm sleeping, then it sucks.

As with so many love motels, this one's room comes equipped with a ceiling mirror. So I took a seductive picture for you. Sorry about the blur, but otherwise... you're welcome.

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