Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Walk Thoughts #152: 5/2 rest break and a walk through a park

About this point, I'd been walking for three or so hours, so I sat down in some shade to take a break. A jumping spider showed up and joined me for a while until I told it to scram.

Not long after I started up again, I found myself walking through a very nice park. I used the restroom facilities (quite clean!), and I listened to a group of schoolchildren singing songs, led by their young instructors. The park had pedal boats shaped like ducks, as so many Korean parks do when they're next to the water. I found this both corny and cute, so I took a shot of all those ducks in a row.

Oh, yes: before I hit that park, I passed by a patch of real estate that looked to be the world's saddest golf course. It couldn't have been a driving range; it was too small for that. I surmised it was a place to practice one's putting. A gaggle of older folks on the green saw me and said hello. The practice ball they were using was huge and fluorescent.

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