Saturday, May 13, 2017

Walk Thoughts #212: my motel


Just some shots of my current motel, the CF Motel. For W40,000 a night, it's clean and cozy, and it's got everything I need, including an electric socket next to the bed, and an electric fan to help speed up the drying of my laundry. Assuming the weather forecasts are accurate, I shouldn't have to worry about soggy clothing for the rest of this adventure.

The guardian angel of my bathtub is quite a cutie. Hard to tell if she's Korean, though. I'm thinking she isn't. If nothing else, she's an indication of what kind of motel this is. Which reminds me: there's a motel up the street called "Love-holic." I should have stayed there. Then again, the front-desk area of my motel is festooned with several gyrating pieces of erotic sculpture. That's kinda cool.

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