Friday, May 5, 2017

Walk Thoughts #178: pension and grounds

Welcome to my current riverside digs: Libertar Pension (리베르타 펜션). Just uphill from the admin building on the west side of the dam, Libertar will run you W120,000 a night for a regular room, and W200,000 for a split-level room. It's super clean and super well-appointed. It's also got a great view of the river. I'm in a regular room. Am still goggling at the amount of counter space the kitchen has. I saw a laminated sheet hanging on the kitchen's wall that said grilling or cooking anything strong-smelling was not allowed (for the sake of the neighbors), and that there are grilling facilities behind the building.

Being relentlessly Western even after twelve years in Korea, I saw the huge closet and immediately thought, "Murphy bed." It turned out to be a closet holding the usual semi-traditional pads and blankets for making a bed on the floor. Still no yo/요 in sight. That would be truly traditional.

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