Sunday, May 7, 2017

Walk Thoughts #189: a preview of tomorrow's walk

Today, from 7AM to 11AM, I did a 4-hour "preview" of tomorrow's walk, heading south along the path for two hours before doubling back, stopping at the convenience store by the dam, and grabbing lunch. I took some photos along the way, which I offer you here. I did finally find a menu at the restaurant behind my motel, but don't be fooled: the guy serves only one thing, and if you try to order anything else, he'll do what he can to dissuade you. So I ate the same thing I had yesterday.

I think I can add captions, sort of, to the pictures, now.

Below: Allahu akbar!

Sumpin' be stank, yo.

A modern shwimteo:

A striking bit of decrepitude:

I'm always fascinated by Stairs to Mystery:

My first-ever sighting of an apiary in Korea:

The deceptive menu:

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