Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Walk Thoughts #158: housekeeping notes

We all have better things to do, no matter what it is we're currently doing. My life, at present, has narrowed down pretty much to walking, eating, pooping, writing, and sleeping, but this doesn't mean I feel I have nothing better to do, especially when it's taking me a million years to post all those photos.

So the photo-posting will henceforth be severely truncated. From now until the end, I'll be giving you only 10 pics a day instead of the usual 300 or so. While it pains me not to photograph every new and nifty thing I run across, I need to avoid spending hours uploading all those pics when I'd rather be resting. I'll stick to photographing unique sights-- things that truly strike me as memorable.

At this point, you've been inundated with enough shots of trail signs, bridges, creeks, rivers, mountains, turns in the road, forks in the road, suburban architecture, etc., to have a pretty decent idea as to what the trail has been like. I'll still photograph certification centers and jangseung whenever I encounter them, but the other pics will be of things I find unusual.

I'm sure this will come as a relief to you: who needs to drown in photos, right? It comes as a relief to me, too.

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