Sunday, May 14, 2017

Walk Thoughts #216: the long walk to the campground

Hope you enjoyed the large, dead snake in the previous batch of pictures. I know I did.

Today's walk was long but not that arduous. There were some hills, but they were all minor. Otherwise, it was a perfect day for walking: bright, sunny, and very windy-- the exact opposite of Friday.

I did end up at Mirpia Campground; that's something of a story in itself. ("Mirpia" is how the place romanizes its own name. I suspected I had it wrong.) As you see, I've got a vehicle plot all to myself. I'm right next to the restroom and potable-water facilities, and that's pretty much all I need as I'm not planning to shower until tomorrow evening, when I'm in my motel in Yangsan City.

Enjoy the pics.

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