Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Walk Thoughts #155: 5/2 reaching the Nakdong River

I did it! I reached the end! The Saejae portion of the trail, being mostly level, ended with a whimper, not a bang. All that remains now is the final segment: the Nakdong River trail, which constitutes about half of my walk. So I'm not done with the walk by a long shot, but what remains ought to be fairly straightforward. 

Then again, I'm not in the guest house I'd expected to spend two nights in, and the drive here, which partly followed the Nakdong River bike path, was extremely hilly. So I may not be done with hills yet.

This set of photos shows the beginning of the Nakdong River's "Seven Hundred Li" (a li is an old unit of distance) and the beginning of my final approach to yesterday's certification center.

I'll explain more about the drive I took, and the guest-house disaster, when I write the day up.

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