Sunday, April 9, 2017

Walk Thoughts #25: route redux

Last night's super-long post about my walking route took a lot out of me. I'm still not finished: it was only when I was about two-thirds of the way through writing that post that I realized Naver Map does, in fact, show bike routes when you click on the bike-route icon. So I need to go back and retrace my route, this time using the bike-route function and the maps "ruler" to measure distances more accurately (I had used driving routes—not the same at all). Once I do that, I'll publish revised numbers, but I may also go back to the route-description post and write in the updated figures in red font so as not to confuse readers.

In the meantime, there's a good bit of other information that comes from mapping out the route. One major question, now answered, is what I'll be dealing with in this post: how often will I be camping? This is closely linked to the question of how often I'll be able to shower and launder my clothing. Another question, to be answered in a later Walk Thoughts post, is along what parts of the path will I not have access to water? Naver Map, like Google Maps, allows you to toggle back and forth between "map view" and "satellite view," thus giving you a better feel for the terrain. I'll see all the relevant streams and rivers, or the lack thereof.

So let's talk about camping. It's going to look like this:

End of Day 1: camp (22 Apr)
Day 2: inn (23 Apr)
Day 3: inn (24 Apr)
Day 4: inn (25 Apr)
Day 5: camp (26 Apr)
Day 6: inn (27 Apr)
Day 7: inn (28 Apr)
Day 8: camp (29 Apr)
Day 9: minbak(?) (30 Apr)
Day 10: camp @ campground (1 May)
Day 11: hotel (an actual hotel, apparently... maybe) (2 May)
Day 12: camp (3 May)
Day 13: inn (4 May, Mom's birthday)
Day 14: inn (helping aching feet recuperate) (5 May)
Day 15: camp (6 May)
Day 16: inn (7 May)
Day 17: camp (8 May)
Day 18: camp (9 May)
Day 19: camp (same place as Day 18) (10 May)
Day 20: hotel (11 May)
Day 21: hotel (same place as Day 20) (12 May)
Day 22: finish walk, stay at Toyoko Busan Station #1 (13 May)

I have vacation until May 21, but if I finish as early as the above schedule indicates, I'll go back to work soon after coming back to Seoul. At the same time, I don't want to rush this if it's going to mean crippling myself just to meet a deadline. I have an eight-day buffer, and I'll likely use it if my feet end up killing me.

Next up: let's walk about water, which is crucial for a sweaty guy like me. And let's also talk about revised distances (which may take a while to measure with that ruler).

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