Saturday, April 22, 2017

Walk Thoughts #40: here goes nothing

[NB: this is a scheduled post.]

This post ought to be appearing at 5:15AM. In theory, I'm out the door. My walk, today, is a bit over 17 miles, and at 2.8 miles per hour, that ought to take me between six and seven hours. I should be arriving at the Paldang Bridge in Hanam City around noon or 1PM. I'll hit a yeogwan (there are many surrounding the local city hall), settle in, and blog again when I'm nice and comfortable, after which it'll be a matter of doing absolutely nothing for around sixteen hours.

After today, I'll be aiming to wake up at 5AM, not 4AM, which seems more reasonable. I simply wanted to get an early start on the first day of this big project.

More soon!

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