Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Walk Thoughts #73: my digs (Jangsu Pension)

Not nearly as plush or as clean as my previous love hotels, my newest digs are nevertheless comfortable enough, and the gent running the place-- whose name is in fact Jangsu-- seems like a nice fellow. Jangsu wasn't there when I arrived (the property was empty except for the dogs), but when I called him, he told me to go into Room 2.

I used a can of Korea's famous F-Killer spray to down two flies in the place, and I found a long hair, on the floor, that obviously belonged to a woman. No matter; after the pube yeogwan (do a search for it), a single hair isn't going to affect me. As long as things are clean enough for me to come away without contracting any diseases, I'll be fine.

Enjoy the photos. In my next writeup, I'll be talking more in-depth about how the day went, among other things.

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