Thursday, April 27, 2017

Walk Thoughts #83: MRE tour (1)

Today, I ate my fourth and last MRE. This reduces my pack weight by 3 kg, or nearly 7 pounds. Since some of you might be curious about these Meals Ready to Eat, I thought I'd follow the current YouTube trend, sort of, and take you step-by-step through a typical MRE experience.

I'll come back to these pics later and add commentary, but for now, the images ought to speak for themselves. MREs aren't exactly fine dining, but they're also not terrible. Today's meal of ravioli tasted... well, it tasted as though it had come straight out of the can. And yeah: the cheese spread was gross, but in a good way. Note, too, the charming terminology the Army uses to describe its food. Osmotic raisins, anyone?

Here are the first 13 of 26 images.

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