Saturday, April 29, 2017

Walk Thoughts #107: pic dump 5

I walked into a tiny village(??) that had a few restaurants, minbak lodgings, and other mysterious buildings. As I passed one outdoor sashimi restaurant (hwaet-jip), the gentleman cleaning the area invited me to sit a spell. I sat; he handed me a tiny paper cup about a third full of coffee, which was the last thing I wanted to drink. I drank it anyway.

He asked me what I was doing, and we talked a bit about the trail ahead. He said the Saejae path was mostly flat... except for two mountains. Well, shit.

What struck me most about that conversation was (1) the man's automatic assumption that I could speak Korean, and (2) the absence of any mention of my weight. That was a relief.

Several shots below deliberately highlight the "two roads diverged in a wood" motif.

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