Saturday, April 22, 2017

Walk Thoughts #41: arrived

Just a quick note to say that my first day of walking is over, and it was a record-breaker—the longest I've ever walked in one shot since I got my Samsung Galaxy S4 and pedometer. I'll also quickly note that, weather-wise, today was a fantastic day for a hike. I wish the entire walk could be like this, but it's inevitable that the weather's going to suck sometimes.

I'm in Hanam City, right next to City Hall. Humorously, there's a ring of love hotels around the mayor's office, and I'm in one of them: the Baro. I'll write more later; right now, I have to shower, wash my clothes, and do a little self-maintenance. When I return to the blog, I'll be dumping a slew of photos.

My apologies if it seems I'm overusing the title "Walk Thoughts" for these entries, but I've given several people links to my blog updates, which are all tied together by the "Walk Thoughts" title. So yeah, you may see single pictures, with no commentary, titled "Walk Thoughts #Whatever." Again, sorry.

Shout-out to John McCrarey for his LOTR reference. I had been thinking along those same lines, although more Frodo-to-Mordor than Bilbo-to-Erebor.

More soon.

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